15 December 2005

Ghost Rider's Engine Stalls

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Here with a special message to one Nic Cage

Dear Mr. Cage,

Look out! Your superhero movie is in trouble!

Hope you had fun at this year's Comic Con. Looks like you'll be back again next year.

Sincere condolences,


Yes, that's right folks, Ghost Rider has been pushed back a whopping seven months from July 14 2006 to February 16 2007. Yikes. Despite Sony's protestations, that cannot possibly be a good sign for this movie. Sony claims that they had great success when Daredevil opened during that time slot (Really? Success? Are you sure you wanna call that success?) and the powers that be are also concerned that summer 2006 is looking a bit crowded. Next summer Sony will also be releasing The DaVinci Code, Click, Monster House, the Will Ferrell Nascar movie (formerly Talladega Nights), Zoom and the Wayan's comedy Little Man (which just started filming yesterday). Personally, I think of they were really worried about their own docket being crowded, Ghost Rider would not be the movie I would bump back from that list.

More likely Sony is worried about all the other huge blockbusters that will be invading theaters next summer. X3 and Superman Returns have already declared next summer as the grounds for their battle royale, and that's not counting other big draws like Mission Impossible 3, Posiedon and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2. Somehow I think that Ghost Rider will probably have a bit more breathing room two Februaries from now.


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