14 December 2005

Rocky Has A Diary

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I just got my big ole boxed set of Peter Jackson's King Kong Production Diaries in the mail yesterday and gee wiz did it make me excited. Sadly I won't get to see the film itself until tomorrow or Friday (stupid job...) but I will be making the pilgrimage to Skull Island soon enough. Tonight I'll be watching 1933 King Kong instead, and once I've seen Jackson's epic, I plan on sloshing through both disks of production funtime.

So, what with King Kong hitting theaters, and KongIsKing losing it's usefulness, who will rise to carry the mantle of online Production Diary goodness?

Rocky Balboa, that's who.

Yes, that's right, today Sly launched rockybalboablog.com, a repository for all things Rocky related. There's not too much there now, just a clip of Stallone talking about fight choreography and a few minutes of him and Antonio Tarver dancing around the ring and swinging their massive meathooks at each other. I did like seeing Stallone in those costume screentests though. Hopefully this blog will be as interesting/entertaining as the likes of BlueTights, Posiedon Journals, and Trainwreck (Clerks 2). They certainly need to get better quality video.


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