16 December 2005

Singer Wants Twice The Superman

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Variety is reporting this morning that Bryan Singer isn't getting enough Kal-El of Krypton in his diet. Over the next few months he'll serve as executive producer for Look Up In The Sky: The Amazing Story Of Superman, a documentary by Kevin Burns. Burns has already conducted over 40 interviews with various members of the Superman legacy, including former writers, directors and cast members from previous incarnations of Metropolis.

According to Singer, the plan is to create a feature length documentary which would really lay out the story of the character and the evolution of Superman's history over the course of the last 68 years. Hopefully the film will be completed in April and will then get a limited theatrical release as well as re-edited television broadcast which would feature a scene from Singer's new film. The documentary would then find its way to DVD, most likely as a stand alone film, although I suspect it would also end up being incorporated into the eventual Superman Returns DVD.

Personally, I'm pretty stoked about this. The recent re-release of Tim Burton's Batman had a phenomenal documentary laying out the entire history of the Batman character, from when he was created by Bob Kane, all the way through Burton's film, including all the failed attempts to bring him to the big screen before that. Hell, you could probably make a pretty damn interesting two hour documentary just on the last 10 years and $50 million dollars spent trying to dig the Superman franchise out of the grave and get another movie made. If this documentary doesn't include Kevin Smith's gay robot, JJ Abrams's Kryptonian CIA Agent Lex Luthor and McG's refusal to get on a plane, I'll be mighty disappointed.


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