16 December 2005

Play The Demise Of A Franchise!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...My guess is that come next Memorial Day, a good number of people are going to find themselves walking out of a movie theater as the credits are rolling on X3, and they will scratch their heads with a look of disappointment and puzzlement plastered all over their faces. They will then find themselves saying something along the lines of, "I don't understand. X2 was so good and that...that was not. What the hell happened?"

Well hypothetical movie-goer, funny you should ask. XMenFilms.net is reporting that January's Game Informer magazine features an article on a new X-Men video game that will pick up in the Oval Office at the end of X2 and will end mere moments before X3 starts. Think of it like The Animatrix, but longer, more detailed, and in video game form. No word on who's creating the game itself or what platforms it'll be released on, but it is being written by Zak Penn (who co-wrote X2 and X3) and Chris Claremount (X-Men comics). Apparantly it'll feature Wolverine, Iceman and Nightcrawler (bizarre combination) as well as a number of the newer characters that will be appearing in X3. Word is that the game will also explain why Nightcrawler isn't in the next movie. I've got a twenty that says they kill him off at the end of the game because they can't think of anything better to do with him.

Oh yeah, that picture is a compilation of publicity photos for all the mutants that have appeared (or will appear) in all three movies. So you've got some older guys who are dead and gone and some that we've yet to really see. That awful picture of Colossus is hidden somewhere on the official X3 website, although Dark Horizons also snagged the complete set of publicity photos for X3 which features Colossus in a human flesh form that doesn't look he was attacked by a nine year old with Photoshop.

Click the pic for hi-res.


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