13 December 2005

Trailertown: The Other Side Of Marie's Impossible Miami

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome back to Trailertown!
Holy crapola have we got a whole bunch of good stuff. With the AFI and most local critics' associations having just announced all their awards and with this morning's announcement of the Golden Globe nominations, we are now officially in the full swing of awards' season. And with all the big contenders getting released in the the next two weeks or so, studios are desperate to attach trailers for all their big hopefuls for next year, particularly for next summer. We benefit in the form of about six trailers a day getting released online, although not all of them are so choice.

Mission: Impossible 3 - I have to give credit where credit is due. Paramount and/or Tom Cruise realized that the franchise was in trouble. The first film (which I really liked) aimed for uber-complex and fell a little short while the second film pretty much went for the lowest common denominator and was about as intellectually engaging as a turnip. They didn't rush into production on the third film, they got their man with J.J. Abrams and this first teaser really looks as if it may have captured the elusive middle ground between M:I and M:I2, i.e. impressive action along with what I'm hoping will be an engaging plot. At the very least, Phillip Seymour Hoffman easily looks to be the best villain of the franchise to date. Sadly the trailer has a marked lack of Simon Pegg.
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Miami Vice - Michael Mann's got balls. Huge, digital balls. The guy is doing a big screen adaptation of Miami Vice starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, and rather than either going the Starsky & Hutch route or making a movie that's semi-serious but kinda campy like the show was, he instead makes a dark, gritty, serious crime drama with nary a pastel in sight. Huge balls. Farrell looks as if he hasn't showered in weeks and Foxx looks like a badass mothafucka and I'm pleasantly surprised. I was fairly ambivalent about this film, probably because I was expecting something more akin to Bad Boys. But after the teaser I'm actually pretty excited for this thing to hit theaters next summer, if for no other reason than to see what kinda crazy shit Mann pulled off here.
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Marie Antoinette - Sofia Coppola you are a strange one. I thought that the Tristan and Isolde trailer set primarily to the Evanescence song was just about as awkward as it could get. But nope, I was way wrong. The only things stranger than the music choice here is the title design at the end of the teaser. I mean, it looks kind of interesting, and it'’s certainly from the director of Lost In Translation, but I don'’t know if this is just a trailer thing or if she'’s going for a sort of A Knight'’s Tale vibe where there'’s modern music in a period movie and no one seems to notice or find it strange. I will say this: that song is impossibly catchy and there is a naked Dunst on display. So it'’s got THAT goin for it.
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The Other Side - Call it my indie discovery of the week. I've never heard of any of the people involved in this film, I literally just stumbled upon the trailer, but I kind of like it. Talk about a great premise. Sure there's definitely amateurish moments here and there, particularly the last one with the street sign, the obviously breakable glass car window and the diminutive car explosion, but I don't really care. It feels a little bit like Undead, the Australian zombie movie from this past summer, a movie I rather enjoyed. I'm most definitely gonna try to track this puppy down because I feel like it has the potential to be great fun.
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