13 December 2005

Van Wilder Likes Beer

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Ryan Reynolds has been making one good career move after another. Some of you might question that statement as you glance upon one of the countless Just Friends posters featuring Reynolds in a fat suit, but pay it no heed. That's a paycheck movie, pure and simple. And for every paycheck movie the guy makes, he does another movie that just flat out rocks, or at least he rocks in it. (Blade Trinity much?)

He's currently filming Smokin' Aces for Joe Carnahan and as of this morning he's also signed on to the next Broken Lizard movie, Beerfest. The self-described "Fight Club with beer" is the story of two brothers who discover underground German beer Olympics. After getting their bony American asses handed to them by the Germans, they return to America and assemble the ultimate team of beer atheletes to take those dirty Krauts downtown to Chinatown.

It's still unclear exactly what role Reynolds will play, and while I'm sure it would be funny to see him as a German, he's probably more likely to be a member of the American superteam. Broken Lizard has been able to secure some great talent in their last two projects, including Brian Cox and Bill Paxton. Reynolds seems like a natural fit for these guys and seems like a great addition for this project, which I'm convinced is going to be a return to Super Troopers form.

Incidentally, their first movie Puddle Cruiser, which they financed and produced themselves but was never distributed, is now available on DVD. I haven't seen it yet, but it's at the top of my Netflix queue...


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