13 December 2005

Linklater's Radio Scanner

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Phillip K. Dick novels have been tragically and consistently mis-handled by Hollywood over the years. Most will tell you that the reason is that most studios don't have the balls to make a real, trippy, in-your-face, mind-altering Dick movie (don't dwell on that sentence too long...) and instead distill some small, basic idea, rewrite the whole story, and then throw in Ben Affleck.

Enter Richard Linklater, who will soon bring us what most are expecting to be the first great Phillip K. Dick movie in the roto-scoping form of A Scanner Darkly. The teaser has been floating around for a while, (We should be seeing a new trailer soon) but word is that the film has been screening for test audiences recently and that audiences are absolutely loving it. They're also absolutely hating the music. I don't know if that means they've got a crappy temp score on it or if audiences are reacting to the finished score. Either way, the powers at Warners are apparantly taking these criticisms rather seriously and sent the film's producers out to secure a new score.

Now comes the awesome: They're apparantly very close to signing Radiohead to the deal. That's right, Radiohead would score the entire film. I don't even remember the last time a band actually scored an entire film, but they seem like the absolute perfect choice to give the film that final kick into greatness. This isn't quite confirmed yet, but hopefully we should hear a confirmation (and hopefully not a denial) in the coming weeks.

A Scanner Darkly will hit theaters in Spring 2006.


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