02 November 2005

Put Yourself On The Map

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I recently discovered Frappr, Google's fun little beta mapping tool. You essentially create a group and add yourself to the map, and then the other members of your group add themselves and you can see where everyone is throughout the country or the world. You can also share photos and leave witty little quotes under your picture.

I'm not sure how particularly useful this little program is at the moment, but it's kinda fun and I've gotten a number of invites to various groups today, so I thought to myself, "Self, why not be industrious. Give it a whirl..." So I've created a Movie Booth map. Currently I'm the only one on it...and I'm lonely. So you can click on the link below (or the link in the sidebar) to go to the map and add yourself. You can also "subscribe" to the map, which will notify you when new people add themselves to the map.

So sign up and see who else is hanging out in The Booth! Who knows? Maybe you'll make a friend...

Click it here to put yourself on the map for reals.


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