02 November 2005


Hey guys, it's Donnie...A while back I told you all about the plight of the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, and how if they don't raise the necessary funds by year's end they're going to have to shut their doors after more than 50 years of indie cinema joy. I therefore cannot urge you all enough to go by the Brattle and check out a cool flick and drop a few bucks in the donation box. Or you can donate online right here. (Remember, it's tax deductable!)

But if you're too strapped for cash to be able to donate yourself, then hit up some rich friends for the Brattle's Watch-A-Thon. Yup, it works just like a walk-a-thon, except that half the city streets don't have to be shut down to pull it off. From November 11- December 4th, you go to the movies as much as humanly possible. There's a $50 registration fee ($30 if you're a student or you didn't throw away your ID after you graduated) that you'll get back if you get over $1000 in donations. Registering gets you into any movie at the Brattle for free between the 11th and the 4th, as well as admission into some funraiser events. There are also fun prizes for most money raised and most movies seen. People can give you a flat donation or they can donate a certain amount for every movie you go to, which is way more fun. Plus, if you bring in stubs from other theaters, they count as half a movie.

So you get to go to a whole bunch of sweet movies, raise money for a good cause and perhaps win Criterion Collection DVDs or an iPod shuffle? Sweet Jesus, why would you not sign up? Worst case scenario, you don't win any prizes, you get to see a few flicks and the Brattle makes $50 off you that might help to keep the theater open for at least another year.

Click it here for more info on the crusade to save the movies!


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