03 November 2005

Bob Saget Loves Penguins

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I'm absolutely loving Bob Saget's recent comeback as a dirty old man. He was on Entourage as a whoremongering version of himself, he was on Huff as a coked out caricature of himself AND Danny Tanner, and he got to push the limits of filth in The Aristocrats. Now he's about to unleash The Farce Of The Penguins. Think of it as Animal Planet MST3K style.

Apparantly Saget was watching the recent documentary hit March Of The Penguins and started doing dialogue and internal monologues for all the penguins, so he's gathering up some friends and some nature footage and recording hilarious new audio tracks that will most decidedly not be intended for young audiences. ThinkFilms has acquired the film and plans to release it in March.

More creepy Bob Saget has to be a good thing...


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