13 October 2005

Shaun Gets Impossible...And Possibly Gwyneth

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Here with an update on some of our favorite Brits and would-be Brits.

First off, Shaun of the Dead himself, Simon Pegg has officially been cast in Mission: Impossible 3. There's no word on exactly what role he'll be playing, but i'm really hoping it's something along the lines of Emilio Estevez's role in the original, although hopefully Pegg won't get stabbed by an elevator.

The 3rd go around for Ethan Hunt really seems to be shaping up well, especially considering how rocky the pre-production was. The cast is solid, J.J. Abrams continues his quest of world domination, and I'm starting to get genuinely excited.

Let's see how long that will last.

Pegg will also be playing a supporting role in The Good Night, the feature debut of Jake Paltrow, who's big sister Gwyneth will also be playing a supporting role. The flick stars Martin Freeman (Hitchhiker's Guide, The Office) as a former pop star who has been reduced to writing jingles to make ends meet. He goes on the hunt for some female companionship in the form of an actress to be named later who will play both his ideal fantasy woman and the actual woman he falls for. This sounds like it has potential for a fun time. Any movie with both Shaun and Arthur Dent is pretty good in my book.

Plus Gwyneth gets to keep pretending she's British.


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