13 October 2005

Warriors: Westward Ho!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...If you haven't seen the classic 70's cult flick The Warriors, then oh man are you missing out. Seriously, log onto Netflix, go to your local Blockbuster (before they go out of business) and grab yourself a copy. it's the epic tale of a small gang in New York that gets framed for the murder of another gang leader and has to make their way from the Bronx to Coney Island without getting killed by either the cops or another gang. Simple premise that is brilliantly executed in classic 70s fashion. The way they portray street gangs....simply stunning. It just got re-issued on DVD and I'm excited to pick up a new copy.

What with Domino opening this weekend, director Tony Scott is looking for a new way to occupy his time, so he'll soon begin tackling a remake of The Warriors. However, he'll be updating it a bit and the most dramatic change he's announced is that he's moving the story from The Big Apple to the City of Angels. I'm not sure about this. I think Tony Scott is a great choice to take the reins on The Warriors, but the NY subways played an EXTREMELY prominent part in the original, and, having spent some time in Los Angeles I can assure you that there is little public transportation in Los Angeles, so I'll be really sad to lose that element. On the other hand, he's talking about having 5,000 gangsters prowling the banks of the LA River beds, so that's pretty kick ass.


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