13 October 2005

Save The Brattle!!!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I know that a good portion of the people who read this site regularly are residing in Boston or, at the very least, have resided in Boston at some point. I was shocked to recently learn that one of my favorite small independent theaters, The Brattle in Cambridge, is in danger of closing it's doors forever.

For those of you who have never experienced the pleasure of going to the Brattle, allow me to explain. It's run by the Brattle Film Foundation, a non-profit org that needs to pony up some dough toot-sweet or else a 52 year history and the opportunity for future generations of film goers to appreciate interesting and independent cinema will come to a screeching halt. Seriously, these guys rock. This past month they did two weeks of nothing but Kubrick films. Right now they're doing the Boston Fantastic Film Festival, including Miike's Izo, Three...Extremes by Park Chanwook, Fruit Chan and Miike, and a newly restored 35mm print of The Muppet Movie along with all sorts of independent goodies. This was the only place in Boston you could go to see Donnie Darko, both the theatrical and director's cut. This was the only place in Boston where I could see Godzilla Final Wars. This is a fantastic theater and we have a duty as film lovers not to let it die.

Obviously this is a time of great financial turbulance, and there are many charities out there looking for donations. In the wake of the recent hurricanes, everyone is looking for your money, but please, don't just pass the Brattle by as another group looking to drain your wallet. Every little bit you can give will help, even if it's only $20. If you're in Boston, then jump on the Red Line and check out a flick and drop a few bucks in the bucket. But I urge everyone to make a donation. If they don't meet their goals by year's end, they'll shut down and Boston will be left with only the Kendall Cinema, which isn't really independent, it's a Landmark Cinema, although it does show cool shit on a regular basis. We've already lost the Copley theater. Dont' let movies in Boston whither away in neglect.

Click it here to save the future of cinema in Boston...

Click it here to read all the fundraising details...

Click it here to see all the kick ass stuff that's currently playing there...


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