13 October 2005

I Am Batman...Err, I Mean, I Am The Joker???

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Batman rumors are heating up again. Chris Nolan had a meeting with the bigwigs at Warners this weekend to layout where they're going to go with the next Bat-film, which is still kind of a ways off as Nolan is doing The Prestige first.

But the early reports echo what David Goyer talked about before the Begins was released. Goyer plotted out a trilogy arc in which Batman goes after the Joker in the second film, which would include Harvey Dent, and then at the end, Dent would turn into Two-Face, which is who Bats would face off with (pun somewhat intended) in the third film. There are also rumors of a supporting role, a British arms dealer named Oswald Cobblepot who could theoretically become The Penguin at some point, but right now that's just rumor.

As far as Joker casting goes...well that's still kind of anyone's guess. Paul Bettany seems to be the credible favorite right now. The Crispin Glover/Mark Hammill/Sean Penn talk seems to have subsided, but new rumors have begun swirling about Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, and, ironically enough, Michael fucking Keaton. I actually think it would be pretty cool to see Keaton take on the Joker. He's certainly not doing much of anything else these days.

As far as the title...well that's still pretty up in the air as well. All we've heard from Nolan is that it definitely won't be Batman Continues, thank god.


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