13 October 2005

Big Hairy Production Diaries on DVD

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Last week we reported that Peter Jackson's video production diaries from KongIsKing.net will be released on DVD December 13, the day before the film opens. Some of you may have read that and thought that it was going to be some little single disc bonus thing that would be in one of those cardboard bins at Best Buy, but that wouldn't be Peter Jackson's style, nor Kong's.

No, true to form you're going to be getting a huge Kong sized 2-disc set in some pretty sweet packaging. Two discs, 52 page color production book and 4 production art lithos. And they all come in a big vintage style case that just makes me smile whenever I look upon it.

See for yourself. Click on the image to blow it up to full size and see the specs.

They only real drawback is the price. $40 seems a little steep considering you can watch all the diaries online for free, but if you're a real Kong nut, then what you're really paying for is the booklet, the lithos, the sweet case and having the videos in a nice, large resolution that you can show off on your TV. I'm not sure I'm really a big enough fan of Kong to justify the purchase, but we'll see.

Don't forget, before you pick this up, you can snag the original 1933 King Kong, complete with super cool bonus features from Peter Jackson, on November 22. I'm gonna get the one in the tin case, cuz I'm a sucker for cool packaging...


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