13 October 2005

My Deepest Apologies...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I know, I know, it's Thursday and there hasn't been any new content on the site since Sunday. Although Billy Dagwood is no officially in charge of changing the Cinematic Wisdom and he's doing a bang-up job.

It's been kind of a long and busy week around The Booth that has involved very little sleep, but for pretty good reasons that are not really worth getting into here and now. Suffice it so say that despite the lack of content for the past three days, I have been keeping up with the trades and noting all the stories worth noting, I just didn't have time to actually write them all out until last night/this morning. Think of it like when you're a kid and you pinch the garden hose in the middle and then let it go and all the water comes out really fast. It's like that. Yesterday you got no stories, today you got nine stories.

Anyway, I should be back to my normal schedule at this point, and you should expect some good stuff tomorrow. The Rumor Mill has been going into overtime concerning who is supposedly taking over as James Bond. MGM will be making their official announcement in London tomorrow and I'm reserving comment until then.

Anyway, sorry for the delay. Everything should be back on track as of right...............now.


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