30 September 2005

X3: I'm A Girl Ya Know...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I shudder in fear.

X3 "mastermind" Brett Ratner has just signed Omahyra Mota onboard in an unspecified role. Omahyra Mota is a model, leading many to believe that she's being brought in to play Stacey X, aka The Mutant Whore, a character whose mutation is a pheramone that allows her to seduce any man she wishes.

Omahyra Mota would need a mutated pheramone in order to seduce men.


Because Omahyra Mota looks like a 15 year old boy.

So I guess she could to alright at the local rectory. Zing!

Granted, this picture is rather overtly boyish, but go ahead. Google her. Even in the girlier pictures, she still looks like a dude.

God this movie makes me so worried.


Blogger Billy Dagwood said...

yipe. that's nasty

6:40 AM  

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