21 September 2005

Matador Poster Features Lack Of Livestock...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I feel like Pierce Brosnan's next flick The Matador has been in production forever. Maybe it's just that everytime someone runs a story about a Bond rumor, it gets mentioned as his next film, so it just seems that way because I've seen the title in print pretty much every three days for the past 8 months.

We haven't seen much in the way of stills or promo stuff pop up online yet, but the film did screen at the Toronto Film Fest last week. I heard it was pretty good, but a little out of place at the festival. Well, this morning the folks at BlackFilm snagged the poster and I've gotta say...me likey. I don't know if the movie will capture the creative spark behind this poster, but if it does, you can pretty much count me in. Then again, any lack of floating heads tends to make me a happy camper.

Click it in the crosshairs to see the full sized fun...


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