15 September 2005

Harry Potter Finally Impresses

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I will say it, the new Harry Potter trailer absolutely blew me out of the water. Granted, that's mostly because I'm used to being totally underwhelmed by Harry Potter. The trailers usually bore me to tears, and then the film itself is only moderately more interesting, although I did enjoy the last one quite a bit. I was therefore more than a little nervous that Alfonso Cuaron was not returning, but from the look of this, Mike Newell has not only brought us his own vision of Hogwarts, but he's seemingly knocked it out of the park. Before today, my only real interest in going to this movie was to see the Superman Returns trailer, but I now have genuinely high hopes for this flick. Maybe suffering through the first two lame ass Chris Columbus iterations was simply the price I had to pay in order to see more exciting movies later on down the line. Or maybe Columbus just got the shaft because the characters were too young to do anything really cool with, although, considering this was the guy responsible for Millenium Man, somehow I doubt that was the problem.

Click it here to see Potter do his best Jenna Jameson...


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