15 September 2005

Van Sans Van

Hey guys, it's Donnie...We should all look back fondly upon Van Wilder for not only catapulting Ryan Reynolds to stardom, but also for reminding us of a time when the words "National Lampoon" did not denote a pronounced lack of funny. Apparantly the folks at Lampoon must have realized this and will therefore try to capitalize on the burgeoning popularity of Reynold's co-star Kal Penn, who knocked me on my ass in Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle and will probably do the same in next summer's Superman Returns. Thusly we're getting a Van Wilder sequel without Van himself.

Van Wilder Deux: The Rise Of Taj seems reminiscent of the recent news of Steve Carrell doing Evan Almighty in that it sounds like a giant leap BACK for Kal Penn. Seriously, this kid craps charisma, and having him return to the character of Taj, who will be attending Oxford University and "showing the stuffy Brits how to party" just sounds like a disaster in the making. Wait a minute, what's that smell? Could it be the stench of Direct-To-DVD?


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