19 September 2005

Serenity: The Mediocrity Continues

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Despite the fact that my excitement to see Serenity is pretty much off the charts, my excitement for their promotional campaign could not be any lower. In my staff meeting today, someone mentioned that they were taking a "Creative Marketing" class, and that struck me as an odd title for a class. Shouldn't all marketing be creative? I certainly wouldn't want to take a class in "Boring Marketing" or "Uninspired Marketing". Apparantly the folks running the Serenity account for Universal are of a different opinion.

I already wrote up a little mini-rant about the various craparific posters they've released, but now we've got another international poster of marginally better design. When I saw the smaller, thumbnail version, I thought, "Angel wings? What the hell? Is River Tam supposed to be Jesus or something?" But no, she is not in fact a member of the order of cherubs. But at least someone seemed to put some sort of creative thought into this guy. Even if the thought is stupid, like, "Let's give the hot jailbait girl illusionary angel wings", that's still better than, "Let's put some big floating heads against a blue, nebula-esque background."

I'm still not a fan of River being so much more prominently displayed than the rest of the crew, especially since one of the strengths of Firefly was it's great ensemble work. I'm also not a huge fan of of this white shite palette they're working with for the international campain, but the French will probably love that shit, so whatever.


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