15 September 2005

Bruce And Billy Bob Switch Places

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Way back in 1998, Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton were in a little known flick called Armageddon, in which Thornton played a NASA official and Willis was a simple down home kinda guy. Well it seems the two wanted to stretch their artisitc boundaries, and so the two are teaming up again for The Astronaut Farmer, which, along with 2001's Bandits should complete their Trifecta of Crap I Don't Care About.

Actually, I'm just being fesicious, as this movie actually sounds really interesting. Thornton will play a midwest farmer enamoured with spaceflight, to the point that he builds a rocketship in his barn, which gets the locals whispering, which then draws the attention of the national media as well as NASA, who sends Bruce Willis out to investigate. Considering that, at this point, no one trusts NASA to launch a spitball, let alone a spacecraft, and NASA is so scared of failure they have to call their mom to help them tie their shoes, I think this project has the potential for some really insightful and clever commentary, like if at any point in the movie Bruce Willis starts taking notes.

Virgina Madsen and Bruce Dern will also appear in the flick as Thornton's wife and father-in-law, respectfully. I'm a big fan of the whole Madsen clan, while the Derns are a little more hit or miss for me. Gotta love Down Periscope though...


Blogger awaterpixie said...

I would watch it.. definitly..

Happy HNT!

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