19 September 2005

BlueTights: Call In Cole Hauser

Hey guys, it's Donnie... BlueTights has posted the latest of entry in Bryan's Blog, entitled Stoparazzi. It's certainly not spoiler heavy or process heavy or even content heavy really, it's just sort of amusing. It shows Bryan shooting a scene with Spacey and Parker Posey on a public beach, and various paparazzi members trying to take photos while the crew members creatively get in their way.

When I worked on Fever Pitch, this guy from the Boston Herald kept loitering around on the day we shot out on the street, trying to take pictures of Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. We had a guy basically just chase him around, stand in front of him and wave his hands around while he tried to take pictures. It was pretty hilarious.

Click it here for fun with umbrellas.


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