09 September 2005

Children of the DMD

Hey guys, it's Donnie...when I was in high school, one of my favorite teachers and one of my mentors was a named Dale. (I'll omit his last name out of respect.) Dale was an english teacher, and he was a stickler for grammar and proper writing style. He also used to be the speech and debate coach, so suffice it to say, he's a very precise and respectable fellow. However, he had "a thing" for Julianne Moore, and whenever she would come up in conversation, he would get this mischievous glint in his eyes and we all knew he was imagining her in ways to explicit and dispicable for words to describe. Thusly, whenever where Julianne Moore was concerned, we often refered to him as The Dirty Minded Dale, or, The DMD for short. I can only imagine the bizaarre and pruient thoughts that will be running through his head during this flick...

The movie is called Children Of Men, and it stars Julianne Moore as the last pregnant woman on Earth. Set in a near future where mankind is no longer able to procreate, a lone pregnant woman becomes the focus of numerous groups around the globe and it's up to Clive Owen to protect what is seemingly the last hope for humanity. Recently added to the cast are up-and-comer Charlie Hunnam (who has been blowing reviewers away in the upcoming Green Street Hooligans) and the always reliable Gary Oldman. Since the cast is really starting to shape up nicely, and the film will be the next by director Alfonso Cuaron (the guy who made Harry Potter not-so-boring) I felt the need to report on it.

I'm expecting good things. I'm sure The DMD is too.


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