06 September 2005

Marvel Mortages Mr. Fantastic

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Well, we've heard vague whisperings of this for a while now, but as of this morning, it's official: Marvel is in the movie-making business. I know, confusing, as they've already made about a billion dollars in the past few years. Well, up till now, Marvel has sold off the rights to characters to various studios, e.g. Sony has Spider-Man, Fox has X-Men, etc. This was done because, basically, Marvel didn't have the money to do it themselves. Well, as of this morning, Marvel Enterprises has been re-dubbed Marvel Entertainment and has gathered up over $500 million in loans to start producing their own movies based on their vast library of characters.

The first round of characters they'll begin to develop are Nick Fury, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Cloak & Dagger, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Power Pack and Shang-Chi. Most of those characters I and the majority of the viewing public don't really give a crap about. Fortunately, at the top of that list is also Captain America and The Avengers.

Part of this new deal is that Paramount will be handling distribution on these new Marvel-made, stock-market-financed films, although no clear pecking order has been established. "No character before its time. The scripts will dictate which is first." i.e. Captian America will be first so they can start making interest payment as soon as possible. But, you never know. Maybe this is exactly what Marvel needs to pull itself out of the gutter that it seems to be stuck in. Fantastic Four? X3? Suckity Suck Suck Suck?


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