07 September 2005

Trailertown: Scandalous Goings-On

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Welcome Back To Trailertown!

Today we'll be poking around the shady part of town. The wrong side of the tracks, where you have to peel back the layers of dirt and grime to discover, well, a whole lot of sex.

Where The Truth Lies: The latest from Atom Egoyan stars Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, and the oh-so-scrumptious Alison Lohman. Plot centers around a pair of famous performers who slept with many a dame and may have killed one to boot. The movie boasts alot of nudity and raw emotional content, to the point where the MPAA has threatened not to grant the movie an R rating, despite the fact that they haven't actually seen it yet. I think it looks pretty damn spiffy, and the poster is similarly chock full of cool.

Click it here to bang that 14 year old from Matchstick Men.

Casanova: Oh, this may seem like a quaint little period piece, but underneath the powdered wigs and Oliver Platt, there's most definitely some dirty dealings going on. At least there better be, cuz it's got Sienna Miller in it, and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some of her dirty dealings. Early word is that Heath Ledger, who plays the titular lover of many women, is quite fantastic in this, and I believe it. The guy recently gave an interview where he said he deliberately sabotaged his career so he could bring it back from the dead and start doing the kinds of movies he wanted. I guess that explain The Order.

Click it here to do it in a hot air balloon...

Brokeback Mountain: Lookee here, more Heath Ledger. This one has had quite a bit of buzz for quite a bit of time. If the title doesn't sound familiar, you might know it as "The Gay Cowboy Movie." Yes, Jake and Heath get a little physical, but I could really care less. Ang Lee is at the helm, and Gyllenhaal and Ledger are each about to close out a monster year. Plus Anne Hathaway. She's yummy. Seriously, this one is gonna cause some ruckus, so check it out, before theaters in the south start banning the film from screening, probably because the local projectionist is fucking his cousin. And because they have such strong moral values.

Click it here to ride Heath Ledger's horse...


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