06 September 2005

Trailertown: Fake Superheros and Toughnuts Kids

Hey guys it's Donnie...Welcome Back To Trailertown!

Today we've got two trailers, although only one of them is real. Authenticity first.
The Boys Of Baraka tells the story of 6 young boys from inner city Baltimore who are sent to a the Baraka School in Africa. These kids are all pretty young and none of them really want to go, which is, I think, part of why this looks so interesting. These kids were basically sent to another continent against their will, it's probably the first time any of them have left their families or Maryland, and most of them just wanna go home. I really hope I can check this out at some point. Oh yeah, and I really want a hedgehog.

Click it here to see the coolest new pet ever...

And then there's this thing...apparantly there was quite a ruckus over the long weekend because someone posted a "teaser trailer" for Superman Returns. If you look closely, then it's obviously not the real thing. It's nothing more than various clips edited together from Bryan's Blogs on BlueTights with some rather crappy titles and halfway decent music. But the guy who put it all together put the WB watermark over it, so it seemed authentic. Although if this was the real teaser, I'd be real fuckin disappointed. But I'm linking to it anyway because, at the very least, it's a nice little montage of almost all the actual footage we've seen online to date, minus some shots of the back of Kevin Spacey's head. Look for the actual teaser to air in front of the next Harry Potter movie, which will be reason enough to put my ass in the seat.

Click it here to get all excited over nothing...


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