08 September 2005

Horror On The Horizon

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Thought I'd throw a little horror news your way...

First up, I wanted to draw your attention to a little flick called Venom. Never heard of it? Well, for about two weeks it was called The Reaper, or The Reaping, but then Hillary Swank signed on to a movie called The Reaping, so that title was out. Before that it was called Backwater, which is apparantly the title of the videogame it's based on, although I don't think the video game has been released yet. Personally I think that Backwater is a much better title than Venom, as, from the trailer, there seems to be no venom actually present in this flick. Instead, they run the risk of amping up Spidey fanboys who will probably cause a riot and demand that the black-suited-slobbery-one be present in Spider-Man 3, and then probably string up Topher Grace and his pretty blonde locks if they don't get what they want.

Anyway, I bring this little flick up not because I think it looks particularly noteworthy. The director, Jim Gillespie, is previously responsible for I Know What You Did Last Summer and D-Tox (which, despite starring Sly Stallone, is not a documentary). Essentially it looks like your standard teen horror flick, but when I was working at an agency in LA, we represented this guy Rick Cramer, who plays Ray Sawyer in the film, the possessed demon guy who decides to punish Agnes Bruckner for her poetry from Blue Car. Rick is an incredibly nice guy, he was totally organized and on the ball, and I never had to pester him about refilling his headshots. So I guess what I'm asking is, check out the trailer and when it comes out, which is apparantly next Friday despite absolutely NO advertising, find a girl you like and take to the scary swamp movie and support Rick Cramer, all around nice guy.

Click it here for a crowbar hurling good time...

In other horror news, we have another horror video game adaptation heading our way, this one called The Suffering. The game apparantly follows a death row inmate who suffers from blackouts. One day he wakes up to discover that he's Ashton Kutcher and he's killed Amy Smart and put Fulton Reed in the looney bin. No, wait a minute....he awakes to find the door to his cell open and the prison full of crazies and monster-types, including various baddies that embody various styles of execution, e.g. electrocution, lethal injection, hanging (what does he do, wait for you to come near and kick you in the face?) etc. etc.

The concept is actually pretty interesting, although I don't really have high hopes for the flick. I feel like it's gonna devolve into mindless Resident Evil crap, so I'm sure Uwe Boll is chomping at the bit...


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