08 September 2005

Morgan Spurlock Wants To Paint With Your Kids

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I really enjoyed SuperSize Me. I thought it was both clever and informative, something most documentaries strive for and miss. Plus now Morgan Spurlock gets to part with Snoop. Not only that, I think it actually had some limited effects on it's audience. I know alot of people that stopped eating fast food as a result, myself (sort of) included. I was Mr. Wendy's Classic Triple With Cheese for years, and I haven't eaten a fast food burger in over two months. That's a large step for me, and it's due mostly to Morgan Spurlock, not really from watching what eating fast food did to him but more from the knowledge that it took something like 4 times as long to take off the weight as it took him to put it on. That frightened me more than anything.

Anyway, Spurlock's show 30 Days was pretty good, particularly the Minimum Wage episode. He's starting work on another project, although he'll only be producing, not directing. The new flick is entitled Class Act, and it's about the sorry state of arts education in this country. I would rather see him direcing than producing this one, because I find it to be an EXTREMELY important topic and if he was really running the show I'm sure he'd find a particularly insightful and/or creative way of illustrating just how bad the problem truly is. I was lucky in that as soon as I realized I wanted to go into the arts, my folks could afford to send me to a private school where I could develop my interest and talents. Brown v. Board of Education said that every child in America was entitled to "equal educational opportunities" and it's nothing short of tragic that such an ideal has never really been upheld.

Good luck Morgan. The Booth supports and respects you on your newest quest.


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