08 September 2005

Boy Wonder and Harley Quinn To Get It On??

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Just last night I was praising the genius of Sky High and how it's a great example of a positive side effect of the Golden Age of Comic Book Movies: movies that use the genre, but create original characters and put a unique spin on things. Projects like Tonight, He Comes and Super Ex are fantastic examples of upcoming flicks of this ilk.

Well if you thought a vindictive superpowered ex-girlfriend was clever, this is gonna knock your damn tube socks off. Todd Garner's new production company Broken Road has set up a new comedy at Revolution Studios, and I'm still stunned by the brilliance of the whole thing. Moreover, unlike any movie since Snakes On A Plane, all you need to know about this movie is the title:

Henchman vs. Sidekick.

Don't you wish you thought of it first? The movie starts off with an epic superhero and his mortal enemy being killed in battle. Thus it is up to the JV squad, the sidekick and the henchman, to continue the struggle of good vs. evil. I wonder if the sidekick and the henchman will get their own respective helpers? Wouldn't that be ironical?

Man, the casting on this is gonna be so good I can already taste it. Let the rumors and speculation begin!


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