05 August 2005

Zaphod Hitches A Ride...Does He Have His Towel?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes Productions continues to pump out the horror remakes and along with the Texas Chainsaw Prequel starring Jordanna Brewster, they're also prepping a remake of The Hitcher, the old school flick starring Rutger Hauer as a crazy hitchhiker who gets a ride from poor schmuck C. Thomas Howell, and then plays crazy mind games with him as he drives accross the desert.

At one point, it looked like Julian McMahon would be taking over as the crazy hitcher, but now it seems that he's out and Sam Rockwell may be in. No contracts have been signed, but apparantly it's very close to happening. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I haven't seen the original, although it is on my Netflix list, but I am aware that it's something of a cult classic. And I'm a huge fan of Sam Rockwell, but I feel like this might be one of those paycheck movies. Also, the poor bastard driving the car is now going to be a poor bitch driving a car, and will in all likelihood be Jessica Biel. Then again, if I was offered the chance to spend an entire movie chasing Jessica Biel, I might think twice as well.


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