02 August 2005

Oliver Twist Trailer...In English!!

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Roman Polanksi is certainly on a roll as of late, and I couldn't be happier about it. Seriously, sitting through The Ninth Gate in a theater was downright painful for me. I just kept sitting there thinking, "What the hell is going on? Polanksi, Depp, this should be gold! Why does it suck so hard?" And then, just when I was about ready to lament the loss of one of cinema's directing greats, he knocked me on my ass with The Pianist.

Well he's at it again. Up until now we've only seen little snippets from his upcoming Oliver Twist, and they've all been in French. But Moviefone has posted a nice good sized trailer in English, and I have to say, it looks gorgeous. Polanski scoured Europe looking for an unknown young lad to play Oliver and he looks to fill the iconic shoes admirably. Ben Kingsley as Fagin, well, I think after this I'll be willing to forget Suspect Zero and even A Sound Of Thunder, but NOT Bloodrayne. He's gonna have to pull another Ghandi to make up for that one.

The sets all look lovely, the kids seem great...I'm just real excited. I was never even an Oliver Twist fan. Never read the book, never really seen another film version, not all the way through at least. Polanski's just doing some great work now and I already can't wait to see what he pulls out next.

Click it here to ask for some more...but you'll get nothing and like it!


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