04 August 2005

The Franchise That Won't Die

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I always kind of wanted to get into the Highlander franchise. The idea of a race of Immortals engaged in some centuries old struggle and cutting off each other's heads...it sounds really cool. Unfortunately I could never really get myself into it, mostly because it had one of the most twisted mythologies ever imagined behind it. Seriously, the backstory for these characters and this world got completely re-written every time there was a new movie or TV series. Also there was this girl I went to middle school with who was REALLY into it...but she also thought she was a witch and could put curses on people. She scared me, so I pretty much steered clear of anything that might remind me of her. Granted, at the time I was really into Star Trek, but at least I knew that was fictional.

I was really hoping the Highlander franchise would be dead and buried after they decapitated Christopher Lambert in the last one. Especially since it was called Highlander: Endgame. Apparantly we're not that lucky. Someone felt it would be a good idea to revisit the world of sword toting Scottish clansmen, and so filming will soon start on an all new Highlander trilogy. Adrian Paul, the ponytailed guy from the TV show, will be taking over as the blade swinging hero for director Brett Leonard, the guy who previously brought us Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity. I consider both of those flicks to be total late-night-cable-guilty-pleasure movies, so perhaps he'll fit right in with Highlander. Lord knows he can do pretty much whatever the hell he wants with it without having to worry about contrasting the backstory...


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