03 August 2005

Heder and Thornton Take Scoundreling 101

Hey guys, it's Donnie...When I first saw that Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Billy Bob Thornton were teaming up in a movie called School For Scoundrels, I got crazy excited for a moment because I thought that it was going to be some kind of remake or reimagining of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, one of my favorite movies and some of Steve Martin's best work. Ruprecht is one of his best characters to this day. But alas, I was to be denied the pleasure of watching Jon Heder accidentally stab himself in the eye with a fork.

Instead, School For Scoundrels centers around a wimpy parking meter guy (Heder) who takes a confidence building course so he can win the love of his dream girl. Of course Billy Bob Thornton is the guy teaching the class and before long they're competing for the love of the same woman. No word on who's playing the dream girl yet, but I'm guessing she'll be a cutesy girl-next-door type.

So the premise is only moderately amusing, but I trust Thornton and Heder to help elevate the material and deliver some serious laughs. Thornton plays the P.E. teacher from hell who's banging your mom in Mr. Woodcock this fall and Heder is filming Benchwarmers, a flick about three losers who form a football team to compete with little leaguers. Heder's teammates are David Spade and Rob Schneider with Adam Sandler producing. Maybe Billy Madison will be in the stands so at the key moment in the game he can stand up and yell, "You can doo eet! You can doo eet ALL NIGHT LONG!" Wouldn't that be funny? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, that would be a laugh riot. That joke never gets old. Never.


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