04 August 2005

Don't Fuck With Kal-el!

Hey guys, it's Donnie...This shit just pisses me off. Assholes like this deserve the worst kind of punishment. These guys should have a special place in hell reserved just for them, right next to rapists, traitors and writer of You Got Served.

So apparantly some guys swiped some walkie talkies off the set of Superman Returns. Alright, that's kind of a dick thing to do, but whatever. So apparantly they sat and listened to them filming over the walkies, figured out the lingo, and then started yelling commands over the air, trying to fuck around with the filming. Things like yelling cut in the middle of a scene. The middle of a scene in which a Mustang was jumping down steps and landing in a crowd of extras. And then doing it mulitple times.

Not only is it a total dick move to fuck with a film set, especially when it's for goddamn Superman, but the manner in which they did it was incredibly dangerous. Fortunately no one was hurt. Personally, if I found myself in possession of walkie talkies from the set of Superman Returns, I'd camp out just off set and listen to everything they're saying, then maybe walk through the set brandishing my walkie like a security badge. Dude, I've been on a film set before, it could totally work.


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