04 August 2005

Dumb Girl In Cool Movie?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...IMDB ran a story yesterday about the ongoing feud between Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie and how they apparantly have movies coming out on the same day this November. Hilton's is National Lampoon's Pledge This!, a college movie with Hilton as the bitchy head of a sororiety. Nudity may be involved, which is shocking from an artist of Paris Hilton's high moral caliber. Yah.

So why do I care? I don't really. But when I looked up Ritchie's filmic debut, Kids In America, I realized that I had seen the trailer for this flick a while back and then totally forgot about it. You've got some decent talent assembled in this one, Gregory Smith, Adam Arkin, Elizabeth Perkins, and Norm himself, the inimitable George Wendt. It hardly looks groundbreaking, but it could be a pretty decent coming of age story. It certainly looks like it's got something to say. And the first time I saw the trailer, I didn't even notice Nicole Ritchie, so it certainly doesn't appear that they're pimping it as "the Nicole Ritchie movie".

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