01 August 2005

Thomas Jane Is Lurking...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...A short while back, Lion's Gate Films purchased a number of comic properties from author Steve Niles for the sole purpose of creating starring vehicles for Thomas Jane...probably as a pennance for making such an awful Punisher movie despite Jane's solid performance. While all of these properties are still in development, (i.e. they need to start writing them) Lion's Gate has put out a teaser poster for one project called The Lurkers. It's a noirish detective yarn about a private investigator who inadvertantly gets himself tangled up with creepy supernatural types in the dark alleys of Los Angeles.

I'm totally unfamiliar with the source material, and while I think it's silly to put out a poster for a movie that doesn't have a script yet, (unless it's something with a built-in audience like Superman) I cannot deny the outright cool-ness of this poster. Seriously, this poster perfectly sets the tone for this flick, it tells me absolutely everything I need to know, and it does it with great style and conviction, and, most importantly, no apologies. It's a comic movie, and an old-style comic movie to boot, (when was the last time you saw a comic for 25 cents?) which instantly makes my ears perk up. While there have certainly been some valiant attempts at the 1950's pulp sci-fi genre, (Sky Captain, Rocketeer) the only one to really knock the ball out of the park was The Iron Giant, which I don't really count because it couldn't really go balls-to-the-wall because it was a kids' movie. Maybe the pulp horror route will be more successful than the pulp sci-fi route....


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