29 July 2005

The Faces and Trailers Of Nicholas Cage

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Nicholas Cage has not one, but two, count 'em TWO new trailers online. One kicks ass and one, well...

Bad news first: The Ghost Rider trailer most definitely leaves something to be desired...that something specifically being Ghost Rider himself. This is only a teaser, and I understand that the majority of the effects shots are still incomplete, but it's still fairly disappointing to watch a trailer for Ghost Rider and only see a fleeting glimpse of flaming skull, a flaming skull which looks piss poor, but I'm willing to attribute that to being an unfinished effect. Wes Bentley, well, he's evil, and you can tell cuz he has black eyeliner and he speaks in a raspy voice. Cuz he's evil. Get it? Peter Fonda looks okay, although we don't see too much of him. Eva Mendes...well she's got nice hoo-hoos doesn't she? At least Sam Elliot looks cool. It's still early, but I'm disappointed nonetheless. Oh yeah, you need Quicktime 7 to watch this puppy, but it's a quick and easy download from Apple.

Click it here for pointy-haired Nic Cage on a bike.

Good news second: The Lord Of War trailer is all kinds of badass. I really loved the poster for this when it premiered a few weeks back, but the trailer totally sold me. Cage plays an arms dealer at the tail end of the Cold War, a guy who sells to everyone and has no qualms about it. Then I think he gets some qualms (along with Bridget Moynahan) and has to make some changes. Or not. It's a little vague, but I actually really like that about the trailer. I'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen in this one. Either way, it's got a great cast (Ethan Hawke and Jared Leto are also along for the ride) and an unflinching sense of style. I particularly enjoy the actor credits here, as well as the title shot. This one hits theaters September 30th, which means it's gonna have to fight with Serenity over the $10 in my wallet.

Click it here for slicked-back-haired Nicholas Cage with lots of Guns.


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