28 July 2005

Trailertown: Home Of Confederate Soccer

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I found two very interesting trailers this morning, one that I'd been anticipating for a while, and one that totally blindsided me.

The first is Green Street Hooligans, formerly just Hooligans. It's the story of Elijah Wood getting kicked out of Harvard and going to spend some time in London with his sister, Claire Forlani. (Sidenote: As of today, she's officially onboard Dr. Uwe Boll's latest abomination Dungeon Siege. So sad...) While there, he gets mixed up with some rabid futbol fanatics and eventually becomes part of the gang. Presumably he learns something about loyalty and growing up in between beat downs of opposing fans. I've actually heard a tremendous amount of positive feedback from those who have seen the film and am really hoping it makes its way to Boston. However, since they've been unable to find a distributor, that's not gonna make their life any easier. Maybe it'll hit the Boston Film Fest in September.

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I also stumbled upon this little gem, and I have to say, it knocked me on my ass. It's called C.S.A. The Confederate States of America. It's a fictional British documentary chronicling the post war history of an America in which the south won the civil war. It looks like it goes on to draw some very interesting hypotheticals. I don't know if I really buy into slavery infomercials, I feel like at some point the CSA might have drawn significant international pressure to abolish slavery later on down the road. However, the point about Hitler inviting the CSA to ally with him in WWII certainly seems possible. I particularly like the "Jewish reservation" bit, and the sepia clips of Lincoln getting shot in the ass that were apparantly made by an unapologetic D.W. Griffith. This thing could be really lame or really brilliant, but either way I feel like it might make me stop and think for a minute, so I have respect for any film that makes people consider alternate viewpoints. It premiered at Sundance last year, and it looks as if IFC Films just picked it up for distribution, so start scanning your small local theater listings. No word on a release date yet.

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