28 July 2005

Frank Miller Brings My Latin Class To The Big Screen

Hey guys, it's Donnie...While Alan Moore's comic properties still await the film that will overcome mediocrity, (V For Vendetta perhaps?) Frank Miller is living the high life. While Robert Rodriguez gears up for the sequel to Sin City, Zach Snyder is now officially onboard to helm Frank Miller's 300, an ancient Greek battle story. I vaguely remember the story itself from my high school Latin classes, in that I remember it being a tremendous pain in the ass to translate. Then again I never really enjoyed Latin all that much to begin with.

The story centers around the battle of Thermopylae, one of the most incredible "last stands" in the history of time. Amazon tells us...
It is historical fact. In 481-480 B.C., King Xerxes of Persia raised forces in Asia and Africa and invaded Greece with an army so huge that it "drank rivers dry." Then they entered the mountain pass of Thermopylae and encountered 300 determined soldiers from Sparta....
Snyder is the talented young filmmaker who delivered the remake of Dawn Of The Dead which far surpassed everyone's expectations. I remember people getting all kinds of pissed off, complaining that they weren't going to be "real zombies" and how the studio was totally going to bastardize one of the greatest zombie flicks of all time. Most of the naysayers still complained about the fast zombies (that debate is going to rage on for the next decade at least) but even those people had to admit that the rest of the movie was actually pretty damn cool, even if significantly different from the original. This time around it looks like he's going to be taking the Rodriguez approach, donig a direct translation, comic panel to film frame, instead of a broad adaptation. The whole thing will be shot on a stage in Vancouver, so at the very least, we should get a classic battle tale with a different visual feel than most.

300 looks to be Snyder's first follow up to Dawn, although according to IMDB he's also attached to the big screen version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.


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