28 July 2005

More Spidey Villian Rumors

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Ya know, someday when I'm a successful actor and I get put in a position of knowing some top secret movie info that would drive fanboys crazy, I'm totally gonna mess with their heads.

Some rumors broke late yesterday that Thomas Hayden Church's character will not be Sandman as previously mentioned, but will actually be The Cameleon. He'll be masquerading as a professor at Peter's college, as well as presumably taking on Peter's persona at some point to get some sweet MJ-lovin'. Also, apparantly he's going to have a brother as a set-up to introduce Kraven The Hunter in a later film, and Harry Osbourne will pull an Anakin Skywalker and become the new Green Goblin at the film's end.

Now, as I've said, this is all rumor. There's little to no evidence that any of this is actually true, and I'd say there's quite a bit of evidence that it's not true. I've heard multiple reports of Sam Raimi doing screen tests that involve blowing sand around a sound stage. I'm not quite ready to jump on board this one yet, but not ready to completely rule it out either.

Thomas Hayden Church also appeared on Leno last night and despite Jay's best efforts, he would not reveal his character's identity. Apparantly he hasn't even told his mother. He did however, provide some sketches of characters that he will NOT be playing including Man Of 1000 Chins, The Period, Gorilla In A Man Suit, and Centaffe (part centapede, part giraffe).

However, he did say that they will start shooting in January and that principle photography should be wrapped by next June. He's also been gaining some weight and muscle recently. he's now up to 185 lbs, although it's unclear whether his new physical regimen is Spidey related or not...


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