27 July 2005

Lex Luthor Likes Long Walks On The Beach...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...the good folks at Superman Homepage have snagged some exclusive pics of Lex Luthor and Kitty Kowalski (aka Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey) frolicking along the shoreline while filming scenes for Superman Returns. We've already seen some fantastic stills (and footage!) of Luthor's massive waterfront manor, so perhaps this scene is supposed to take place at Luthor's home. Personally, I don't remember Metropolis having alot of beachside property, but it's still early enough that everything's a little out of context, so who knows. Maybe this is Lex's summer home.

Either way, the important part is that Spacey looks fanfuckingtastic as Luthor, just as most folks thought he would. The specifics of Kitty Kowalski's role are still somewhat unknown. She certainly seems anagolous to the Miss Tessmacher of old, and since Kumar himself, Kal Penn, is playing Luthor's assistant Stanford, it appears that Singer may be modeling the Luthor-Kowalski-Stanford relationship after the Luthor-Tessmacher-Otis relationship from the Donner films.

Click it here to see Kevin Spacey hide his face in a clever manner.
(Be patient, I think that the folks at Superman Homepage are getting a bit more traffic than their servers can handle.)

The stills are nice, but I'm still waiting semi-patiently for the ComicCon reel. Hopefully it'll make its way online before Vincent Chase and co arrive at the fictional ComicCon on this week's Entourage, a show that I can't recommend enough, especially for those interested in the film industry.


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