27 July 2005


Hey guys, it's Donnie...Before Halo, before Goldeneye, Before UT, before Quake, there was DOOM. Remember DOOM? "It's like Wolfenstein, but with demons instead of Nazis." As a kid I remember hearing that the U.S. military used the Doom engine to build a simulator in order to train soldiers to develop better hand-eye coordination. Come to think of it, my computer still has a shareware copy of Doom on it somewhere. I should totally play a few levels tonight.

But why all this incoherent rambling? Because, dear friends, the trailer for the upcoming DOOM movie has hit the web and it is.......okay. Seriously, it's dark as all hell (as in tone) and it's dark as all hell (as in light bulbs) and it's only a teaser, so we don't see too much yet; it's mostly set-up. But I'm told that the folks at ComicCon had the exact same reaction: "That looks okay..." What really kicked their ass was the FPS sequence, which isn't online yet. But even when it does go online, I might not watch it, or at least I might not watch the whole thing, because I've never been a spoiler-whore. Either way, my hopes remain pretty high for this one.

There's also a nice little series of clips edited together from the ComicCon panel that's worth watching if you've got about 14 minutes to spare. The very end is pretty damn funny if I do say so myself.

Click it here for Karl Urban and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson decent-ness.

PS I had trouble with the downloading, so your best bet may be to stream the video. Hell, it even works on Firefox through my office firewall. Go IGN!


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