29 July 2005

The Harbingers Of DOOM

Hey guys, it's Donnie...First4Figures has been toiling away on the creature work for the upcoming DOOM movie, and it looks as if the hard work is gonna pay off. I really enjoy that most of the creature work was done practically, and the knowledge that Doug Jones (Hellboy's Abe Sapien) is hiding behind all that slimey latex just makes me all tingly in the cockles of my heart, or maybe the sub-cockles....

The folks at First4Figures have posted some creature stills on their website and I like them. You have to take into account that most all practical creature work of this nature is gonna look much better in motion than in digital stills, so to a certain extent, I'm taking these images cum grano salis. Either way, this is still pretty early stuff, but I think it shows great promise.

Click it here for Demon Autopsy fun!


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