01 August 2005

Moore Ruckus In The Divided State

Hey guys, it's Donnie... Where Michael Moore goes, a brou-haha will follow. It seems that shortly before the 2004 election, Utah Valley State College invited Michael Moore to come speak on campus...and then all hell broke loose before he even showed up. Just the very thought that The Great Agitator might poke his food-encrusted beard into town started a vitriolic holy war between the left and the right in the great state of Utah (yah, that sounds like a fair and balance fight...). Petitions were formed to keep Moore off campus, one prominent conservative nutjob essentially tried to pay off the school to prevent his arrival...suffice it to say that the situation escalated.

Well Stephen Greenstreet had the presence of mind to snag a couple of cameras and document the whole bloody affair, and it's now being presented in a very few theaters (currently I believe it's only playing in Utah) under the title This Divided State. They've got a trailer up as well as a number of clips. I like the trailer, although I did not watch the clips because I'm hoping to snag a copy of the film itself soon. The folks behind Outfoxed are putting this puppy on DVD on September 27th.

Click it here to see some crazy Utah...ites? Utahians? Utahans....


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