13 July 2005

Wilson Bros pt 2: Owen's Secrets

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I'm not exactly sure how, when or why, but somehow Owen Wilson has acquired the nickname "The Butterscotch Stallion", and for whatever reason, it seems to fit. Don't ask me why, it just kinda...does. More importantly, it paves the way for me to start going by the nom de plume "The Tapioca Stallion." Mmmm....pudding.

In the first of two Wilson Brothers related news items, it seems that Owen Wilson seems to have ousted Jim Carrey and snagged himself the lead role in The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, a remake of a 1947 movie adaptation of a short story by James Thurber. (Hollywood is so fucking original isn't it? That must be why Paramount is doing sequels to Hollow Man and Roadhouse as well as a remake of Summer School, which kind of introduced me to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.)

Mitty is the story of a classic loser who leads a hum-drum life in reality, but whose fantasy life is more exciting than a weekend of drinking with Corey Haim. The former Jim Carrey dream project has been floating around development limbo for a while, at one point set to roll with Spielberg calling the shots. However, after The Stallion finishes his Wedding Crashers dog and pony show, he's starting work on You Me and Dupree with Kate Hudson and a flavored dessert to be named later.


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