20 July 2005

Poor Poor Ray Liotta...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...Remember way back when Ray Liotta was a badass mothafucka? Then remember when he was stuck doing schlock and we all kind of forgot about him? Then remember when he did Narc and everyone thought he was gonna make a great comeback?

Well Ray Liotta will next be protraying a medieval villian for Dr. Uwe Boll.

So much for that comeback.

Yes, Henry Hill will be playing the evil bad guy of doom in Dr. Boll's next pox on the cinematic community, Dungeon Seige. He's also going to be joined by Will Sanderson, (who's been in all the rest of Boll's movies, so he must owe him money or something) former NFL player Brian White and German supermodel Eva Padberg. Also, the film is expected to clock in at about 3 hours.

Having stood corrected, yes, this is indeed another video game adaptation. I don't know why I ever thought that Boll would have tried to tackle some (dare I say it?) original material. That's clearly just not his style.

I've had Alone In The Dark sitting in my apartment for a few days now courtesy of Netflix. I really need to watch it, and laugh and laugh, and then remember that Doc B just got $60 million, and then weep.


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