19 July 2005

Apologies From The Editor...

Hey guys, it's Donnie...I haven't forgotten about my ComicCon coverage. Since I couldn't go myself, I'm forced to rely on the accounts of others. So I've been compiling reports the last few days on different projects presented in San Diego last weekend, and I plan on putting up one massive post tomorrow with my full and complete take on this year's ComicCon, removed as I am.

The other thing holding me back is that there were a number of trailers and clips screened for the first time this weekend, but the only thing that I've seen make it online so far is the trailer for Saw 2, which looks to be much of the same from the first Saw. A number of sites have posted essentially shot-by-shot descriptions of these various trailers, but I haven't read any of them, mostly because I have no interest in reading a trailer description. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love trailers. I love watching trailers almost as much as I love watching the movies themselves. There's nothing better than finally seeing footage from a highly anticipated flick, especially if that footage can really knock your socks off.

Therefore, my ComicCon coverage is mostly going to consist of information, casting announcements, etc. It will be spoiler free and it won't include clip and trailer discussions. The two clips I'm most waiting to see are The Fountain and Superman Returns, which, true to Bryan Singer form, was apparantly the talk and the toast of the Con. In fact, he showed it, got a standing ovation and then they made him show it again. I really wish BlueTights would hurry up and post it. If you like the spoilers, you can go there to read a trailer description.

So, look for my big ComicCon wrap-up tomorrow, and if links go online for clips and trailers, they will most definitely be included, mostly because I really want to see them as much as you do.


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