15 July 2005

X3 Rumorville: Bostonian Angel?

Hey guys, it's Donnie...AICN has got a rumor that Angel will be played by none other than Boston's own Ben Foster, (Hostage, Punisher, Liberty Heights) and actor that I think doesn't get enough credit. The guy's got some great comic abilities but has been travelling the dramatic road of late, and while his choice of projects hasn't always been stellar, he almost always shines through the muck and mire.

Suffice it to say that this would easily be his biggest role in his biggest movie to date, and even if X3 were to continue down the road to sucking balls, I think that he's a great choice for Angel. I would love to see Foster break out a bit and start getting more and bigger roles.

I expect we should get confirmation on final casting for Angel and hopefully his father and maybe even Kitty Pryde in the next few days at ComicCon...Ben, I'm rooting for ya...


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