18 July 2005

Teenage Mutant Ninja Weinstein

Hey guys, it's Donnie...James Cameron's appearance in last night's Entourage was fantastic, from "Fucking Harvey," to "No, I pretty much just wanted to make teenage girls cry," to his black helicopter exit. But probably my favorite bit was the producer Harvey Weingold, who "is a pain in the ass to work for but an absolute genius" and "would still be producing Kevin Smith movies" if it weren't for Ari Gold. I think I enjoy the fictional charaters that are clearly based on real ones more than the celebrity cameos.

Anyway, so what is the real Weinstein up to? Playing with Ninja Turtles that's what. That's right, WeinsteinCo (God they need a better name...) and Warners will be teaming up to distribute the newest adventure of the Heroes In A Halfshell, this time all CG instead of big rubbery animatronic-y guys, although I contend that live action Turtles could work if you put in the make up effort similar to The Thing and Hellboy.

The latest incarnation of one of my chilhood icons is slated for a PG release (booooo) in early 2007.


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